Chrisson is the artist name of Christiaan Neeteson, a dutch producer and DJ.
Started off playing in various bands as a guitarist & vocalist, Christiaan Neeteson decided in the beginning of 2011 that it was time to step it up and create EDM under the name of ‘Chrisson’.
At the end of 2011 Chrisson had already been signed to Rockforce Records and released various tracks (originals & remixes) on beatport, itunes & juno.

His productions have a distinct sound; many feature his own vocals and take you upon a journey into warm & beautiful soundscapes with a rough edge of dancefloor smashing beats & bass.

His skills as a DJ stand out because of his use of the latest hard- & software, allowing a more productional approach to live performance which gives a much more finely edited sound.
His style raw & energetic, mixing electro, electro-house, complextro, fidget, dubstep and drum & bass into one solid blend of bass music to get you going.

On 21st of March 2012, Chrisson got his collaboration with Hote Date! signed & released on Monstercat Media, and in only 3 days the youtube video got over 40,000 views and is still going strong. The track “Overcome” and his vocals on it have been compared to the likes of Pendulum and is a solid combination of DnB, drumstep & dubstep.

In september 2012 he started the study “creative producer” on the conservatory Rotterdam (Codarts) to gain a wider perspective on music and working in the studio.
New collaborations and original tracks are in the making, so expect some good stuff coming your way!